Ecology in modular construction

Looking at the current trends, it can be unequivocally stated that people value simplicity and originality – that is, the characteristics that modular construction combines. But ecology is not only a temporary fad, but also a solution for years. It is the ecological aspect that is increasingly taken into the account because of the important role played by taking care of the environment and minimizing costs nowadays.

Heating prices are constantly rising, but there is a way! Using the latest technology, we are able to obtain structures with excellent thermal parameters, and moreover – it is rigid and extremely durable. Panels are recycled materials and facilities are made from natural raw materials, but that’s not all. It is worth paying attention to the important aspect – elements of the structure are performed in a closed environment. This fact shows that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, as well as the amount of waste that remains on the site during traditional construction. All these aspects are confirmed by the certificates we have obtained, such as the American LEED – one of the most prestigious and international certificates. ‘It concerns the use of responsible sourcing of raw materials. This category focuses mainly on recycled materials, but aspects such as corporate social responsibility and product life cycle are also taken into the account.” [source:] What is also worth highlighting is the fact that obtaining such a certificate is not easy at all, the same as the acquisition of BREEAM. Buildings are assessed for management, health and well-being, materials, water, transport, energy, waste, land use and ecology, pollution and innovation. As you can see, there are many criteria, and yet we meet all the requirements. This only certifies with what care we approach our investments.

So, if you are an ecology lover, bet on modular construction, there is no better solution!

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