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We Build Your Dreams

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Hotels and public facilities

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Medical units and facilities (COVID 19)

The architecture of the future


We Build Your Dreams


Hotels and public facilities


Medical units and facilities (COVID 19)

Unlimited possibilities

Modular buildings combine simple forms, high-quality materials, and inventive improvements. The most innovative projects are constructed based on modular components. We can build your idea.

The highest green building standards

We design and create our facilities based on knowledge about passive buildings. The objects are created entirely in our production hall along with the finishing touches and furnishings. Then, they are assembled at the construction site within a few hours, and they are ready to be used.

Turnkey solutions

We design and manufacture buildings with interior design elements, furniture, fittings and even electronics. The client chooses all the elements with our architects and consultants before the implementation of the project at the architectural stage.

  • Time-saving
  • Flexibility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost optimization
  • Quality control
  • Aesthetic qualities

Modular architecture benefits:


It is 20-50% faster to build with modular elements than with the traditional methods


Modular construction uses up to 70% less energy, produces almost 90% less waste, and is highly recyclable


Strict control procedures over off-site production lines guarantee the highest quality of manufactured modules.


Modern solutions and high-quality materials are what makes the modular buildings a cutting-edge design


Modular buildings offer reduced construction costs due to several factors.
The construction process is faster, which makes it more affordable. It also takes place off-site, which reduces weather-affected delays.

Hotels and public facilities

Modern architecture faces many challenges. A dense urban area is very often an impediment to creating a complex object. Assembling modular components allows building even on restricted sites with confined access.

Medical units and facilities (COVID 19)

We offer various buildings for medical purposes- vaccination points, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and quarantine centers. Although their construction time is fast, they still meet high quality and building standards.

Modular buildings for business

The potentiality of modular constructions is almost unlimited. This method gives countless opportunities. A bar, shop, sauna, an office? Everything is possible.